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    Matè Bar is open since 2004 but only from June 2010 is under a new management.

    Here you can find a pleasurable environment, nice music, some appetisers and, of course, great drinks. Our barman will put all of his knowledge and passion for “shaking” in your hands and will figure out exactly what is the mix of flavours you are after.

    With a informal but smart service we aim to bring your unforgettable experience.


  • I nostri drink

    Our drinks

    Within our menu you can find drinks mixed to reach the perfect harmony of flavours which will certainly match your tastes: from sweet to sour, from long drinks to Martinis, from a fragrant fruty taste to a strong spirits, from a classic Mojito to a Brakfast Martini made with marmellade.

    The list of cocktails is consistantly updated depending on the different seasonal products, so our menu changings are based on the available fresh fruit of the time being.

    All our drinks are created from scratch, carefully balanced and mixed only with fresh and quality items.


  • Mondo Martini

    Martini World

    Martini is an unforgettable experience which can be descibed as classic and fashionable at the same time, it's the essence of a strong and fruity drink, a Martini glass in your hand is able to make you feel like you are in movie.

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    Contact us for further information by e-mail or phone:


    Matè Bar
    via Goffredo Mameli, 23
    37011 Bardolino

    Phone: 388 856 4627
    E-mail: mauro@matebar.it
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